Archive: 2022

  • Week 54: Going into production

    I finally ordered the circuit boards for my Eurorack project, which I’ve given the name Pipistrelle after the soprano pipistrelle bats that live in the woodland by our house.

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  • Week 53: Keeping going

    I was torn on how to number this week, whether to restart at 1 (the ISO week number), or keep going, or do something else entirely. But as I started with 0 back in January 2021, I decided to just continue. There is an ISO week 53 in some years, but never a 54, so it will no longer be ambiguous from next week. It’s nice to have a monotonically-increasing number as an encouragement.

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  • Week 52: Winterregnum

    We did it. 2021 is over. L— and I went for dinner at a friend’s house, watched a strange, low budget, but very enjoyable comedy horror film (Tucker & Dale vs Evil), and went out to the river to watch the fireworks and light shows at midnight.

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