My bout of covid wasn’t too bad. By Monday I felt pretty normal again, with just a bit of a productive cough. The weirdest symptom I had, which seems to affect others too, was painful reflux, but that was easy to deal with by taking antacid tablets.

I was well enough to work, so I spent the first half of the week doing that, as did L—. She couldn’t go back to work at the hospital until she had either a clear LFT result or ten days had passed. In the end, she had to wait the full ten days and didn’t go back until Thursday, in time for a single day before the long Easter weekend.

I binge-watched the entire season of Taboo on Netflix. Apparently, it came out five years ago but wasn’t really noticed until now. It’s a bit gory, but compelling viewing and full of villains. Good to watch when you’re stuck at home.

On Saturday, I went to Croydon for the Synth Shed Festival. Croydon is nominally in London, but it’s about as far away from central London as Bristol is from Bath, and feels like a different city.

I enjoyed chatting with Adam from Venus Instruments about his stereo echo module. Next time I go to one of these events, I’ll have to bring along my Pipistrelle module.

I broke up the old fence panels that have been propped up in the garden and bundled them into manageable portions that I can take to the council recycling centre. The only remaining job is to saw all the upright posts in half so they can fit in a car. That’s a lot of sawing, and I’m not especially looking forward to it.