L— is away visiting friends in France, so I’ve been home alone, and I needed to use up the enormous cauliflower from our vegetable box, so my diet has been a bit monotonous. I still have several servings left. At least the thing I cooked (Indian style with spinach) is tasty.

I got up early on Saturday and took the sawn-up remnants of the fence to the recycling centre. It’s made a great improvement to our garden. It will be even better when our neighbour finally fixes his fence.

One of my stock notifications came up, and I was able to order a Raspberry Pi 4 so that I can have a go at building a MiniDexed for some classic 80s FM synth sounds. Due to the great chip shortage, Raspberry Pi boards are hard to come by, and they’re more expensive than they’d otherwise be. I feel quite lucky to have got one for only £10 over the pre-2020 price.

Google’s IP address geolocation seems to have gone awry. I had been wondering why I was seeing so many Scottish ads on YouTube (on the TV, where adblocking doesn’t work, alas). Then I saw that Google Maps was centring me somewhere near Kirkcaldy. That explains the ads for Fife College and the ones telling me that every home in Scotland must now have interlinked fire alarms.

I bought a pint of beer for £3! In London, in 2022! And it was good! It was a pint of Twisted Wheel Moral Panic Citra Pale Ale at the Telegraph at the Earl of Derby, and I think it was cheap because the cloudiness (it was unfiltered) had put some other patrons off. I don’t mind cloudy, and I like Citra, and I like a bargain.