Friday the thirteenth

Well, shit.

England turned out in the rain to vote “Britain Trump” into power by a large margin. More nativist populism and a damaging hard Brexit it is. The Conservatives will own the recession and the consequences, but for the next five years they will have free reign to remodel everything according to their wishes.

London is still a different place to its hinterland: a blob of mostly red surrounded by a ring of blue.


The SNP have 81% of the seats in Scotland.

For the first time, there will be more nationalist MPs than unionist ones in Northern Ireland.

Sauve qui peut.


  • This is it

    I’m terrified. If Boris Johnson gets a majority after today, it’ll take most of the rest of my working life to undo the social and economic damage.

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  • Stop the coup

    Like a lot of other people in London, I was moved to get down to Downing Street straight after work last Wednesday after the news broke about the Johnson administration’s cunning wheeze to suspend Parliament.

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  • Using U2F for passwordless sudo

    Now that I’ve got my SoloKeys working for website authentication, I’ve been looking at other things I can use them for.

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  • SoloKeys on Ubuntu Linux

    I finally received the SoloKeys open source FIDO2 U2F security keys I ordered via their KickStarter last year.

    They’re little USB devices that you stick into your computer to act as a physical second factor when authenticating to websites (or, potentially, other software). Instead of typing in a code received via SMS or from an authenticator application, you press a button on the device and it cryptographically identifies itself.

    That’s the theory, anyway.

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