Covid has breached our perimeter. L— had to work all weekend. She came home on Sunday with a sore throat, did a lateral flow test, and lost. After two and a bit years of treating patients with covid, she finally got it. Symptoms so far seem limited to a sore throat, achiness, and feeling sorry for herself.

Will I avoid it, or will I succumb? Place your bets!

It’s been unusually cold this past week. You don’t usually expect subzero temperatures in London in April, as far as I remember. Unfortunately, this also coincides with the sharpest rise in fuel prices (I think) ever. Our gas has gone up by 70%, which doesn’t exactly encourage me to turn up the heating. I’ve been wearing many layers indoors – sometimes even a hat as well. Maybe Insulate Britain are onto something.

I wonder which is cheaper: heating your house or commuting to an office heated on someone else’s bill. Having to heat your home all day is certainly one of the downsides of working from home.