Elizabeth Windsor completed another consecutive year of not dying. (What? Why are you looking at me like that? That’s exactly what a Jubilee is: staying alive for a round number of years while being a monarch.)

She came to my school once when I was little. We put on a performance dressed as clocks. Afterwards, she spoke to exactly one child: the one with his leg in a cast. It duly appeared in the local paper as a heartwarming photo op. We’re all just props to them.

I don’t usually work on Thursday or Friday anyway, but this week neither did most of the country. It was nice weather too, at least for some of it. I don’t know why the three day week is still such a bogeyman. It’s rather pleasant, don’t you think?

I went to the dental hygienist and had the tea stains blasted off my teeth. Last time I went, they weren’t allowed to use the fancy machine due to The Rona, and it was a bit more laborious. This time, although I attempted to drown myself by inhaling some water that went down my throat, it was mostly fine. My teeth look better now.

We saw Everything Everywhere All at Once at the cinema. I liked it: it’s weird, funny, and imaginative.

I was stuck in a hellishly competitive league in Duolingo for the second week running. I now know most of the Arabic alphabet and a few phrases. It’s fun to spot parallels between unrelated languages: Arabic shares with Irish both the use of an “at” construction for possession (“at me a pen”) and a vocative prefix when addressing someone directly.

I’ve been enjoying playing some very cheesy 80s style synth lately. I think it might even be cool again.