On Thursday evening, we went to a launch event for Michael Pedersen’s book Boy Friends. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of it. I’m glad that the Social managed to survive the past couple of years, because it’s a lovely venue for that kind of event.

One of my submandibular salivary glands is swollen. I noticed it after getting home on Thursday; by the weekend it was huge, painful, and, worst of all, extremely visible. Probably a blocked saliva duct, although I can’t find any obvious stone. L— asked a GP friend for advice, which was to massage it (painful but seems to work a bit), apply a hot compress (never understood this, because after a minute it’s no longer hot, but I gave it a try), and that it should go down in a few days. It seems to be improving now.

Despite feeling a bit self-conscious, I went to the Iklectika Experimental Music and Book Fair on Saturday. I chatted to a few people, listened to some music, and bought some experimental music on tape cassette for a bit of nostalgia. You get a download code with the tapes anyway, so it’s really just a way of making buying an intangible thing tangible.

Boris Johnson has resigned, apparently, but he’s still there, isn’t he? And what comes next can only be worse, selected from MPs purged of independent thought and forced to appeal to a selectorate made up of “a bunch of batshit Home Counties wingnuts with an average age of ‘ghost’”.