Archive: 2023-03

  • Week 115: … and home again

    We spent the last three days of our holiday in Brisbane. We got a lift to Nambour (from where most of the trains terminate) and took the train to the city. It’s not a particularly regular service, but it was comfortable, inexpensive, and, most importantly of all, air conditioned.

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  • Week 114: Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, K’gari

    We spent our last day in Melbourne exploring the area to the east of the CBD: Fitzroy, Collingwood, and Abbotsford Convent, which isn’t a convent any more, but a community of artists. Most of it was closed, but we saw a couple of video installations.

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  • Week 113: London, Sydney, Melbourne

    It’s not even six days since we left London, but it already feels like a very long time ago. I’m mostly over the jetlag.

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