I’ve had a quiet week, enjoying the relative novelty of being at home after three weeks away, and of cooking instead of dining out for every meal.

My fingers are healing, albeit slowly, and I keep finding out the hard way that I use the backs of my fingers more than I ever realised. But at least I no longer need so much in the way of dressings, which means that I can bend my fingers more normally.

I turned my unloved guitar practice amp into something much better and I’m delighted with the results.

Working on the amplifier was the first time I’ve felt completely comfortable with my lead-free solder technique. As someone who learned to solder long ago in the pre-RoHS age, it’s been a challenge to adapt. It’s satisfying to feel that I’m finally getting there.

I gave blood for the 38th time, and my first time in the brand new donor centre in Stratford Westfield. I think it took me longer to find it than the seven minutes the donation itself lasted. I’ll know for next time: two floors up at the opposite end from the station.

There’s a nice Taiwanese vegan milk tea place on the bottom floor nearby. I think it’s new; it’s new to me, anyway. I treated myself to a boba tea on the way home.

Changing the clocks twice a year remains humanity’s worst idea since the invention of timekeeping, but I am enjoying the summer time bias of daylight towards the more useful end of the day. Useful to me, anyway, as one not inclined toward early rising.

We still haven’t updated all the clocks in the house.