Archive: 2021-09

  • Week 36: Home alone

    L– was away for most of the week, so I was at home on my own. I took advantage of the space and the warm weather to finish painting the banisters. (The paint goes on much more easily and dries better when it’s warm.) When we moved in, the banisters were a hideous shade of matte brown paint. I painted the bottom part before we moved in, but didn’t get round to the top half before it was rendered inaccessible by boxes of stuff.

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  • Sonic Pi on Ubuntu 21.04

    I went to a Sonic Pi workshop at the Peckham Digital “creative computing festival” yesterday, which meant that I had to get Sonic Pi running on my laptop first.

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  • Week 35: A trip to the seaside

    I did the bank holiday week backwards: I worked on Monday and Tuesday and took the rest of the week off instead. L— also had the week off, so we took a trip to the seaside for a few days, to Margate. I’d never been before, and it’s one of those places that has a reputation as being a bit arty, so it seemed interesting.

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