Several energy providers collapsed due to energy prices, and a problem with deliveries to a few petrol stations ballooned into panic buying and shortages, but I had a fairly quiet week.

The notable exception was Thursday night, when we went to see Kneecap playing to a packed crowd in Islington. That was fun and extremely lively.

I made decent progress in making our house look more like a house: I painted another couple of sections of skirting board, which only leaves two short (and more accessible) patches remaining. There are now fewer boxes of stuff filling the living room, too, but it’s still far from none.

It feels overwhelming sometimes, just how much needs to be done, and how hard it is to find a home for everything in a house that’s a totally different configuration from where we lived before.

I watched the first couple of episodes of the new adaptation of Asimov’s Foundation. It has a lot to live up to, but I haven’t made up my mind yet. I was amused by the names: all sci-fi sounding stuff like Gaal and Raych and Xandem and Jerril … and Siobhán.

I took advantage of my new laptop to work from a café one afternoon for a change of scene. The WLAN card turned out to be really useful, because they didn’t have WiFi. I need to work from other places more often now it’s possible: it really helps.

Our energy supplier hasn’t gone bust yet.