I received a scam email today that had obviously been put through some kind of automatic synonym replacement filter with results that were both amusing (see below) and pointless (because it was flagged as spam anyway):

Hello very expensively in Christ I am called Bruno Lopez. Every day which passes, I very feel sick and I have more and more enough fear in me because of my diabetes

I have a bottom in the nap of ’ 450.000 euro which is nothing else than the rest of my properties(goods) and I would like to donate it, in the concerns(marigolds) to set by you to help persons in need. I ask you to accept this sum because she could well you are very useful. I ask you for nothing in return.

I can see that very expensively is just an inappropriate replacement of dearly, but I’m a bit puzzled by a bottom in the nap of. I guess that nap must be rest, and bottom might be base, though it still doesn’t make much sense.

But what in the alias of deity are concerns(marigolds)?!