I see that Google are offering 1 TB of free online storage as a sweetener for people who buy the rather expensive 239 PPI Chromebook Pixel:

Since this Chromebook is for people who live in the cloud, one terabyte of Google Drive cloud storage* is included with the Pixel.

I thought I’d calculate how long it would take me to upload a terabyte with my fairly-average-for-the-UK ADSL2+ internet connection.

Upstream data rate: 444 kbps
÷ 8 = 55.5 kB/s
× 60 × 60 × 24 = 4.79 × 106 kB/day = 4.79 GB/day

1 TB = 1000 GB
1000 GB ÷ 4.79 GB/day = 209 days

At a nominal 30 days per month, that’s

209 days ÷ 30 days/month = 6.96 months

SEVEN MONTHS. And that’s an unrealistic maximum that doesn’t allow for overheads. In reality, I think it would be closer to a year. If you wanted to be able to use your ADSL connection for anything else during the same period, a couple of years.

I envy anyone who can actually use a terabyte of online storage. I don’t think this offer is going to cost Google very much.