Proving that technological advances are not always useful is this invention: spray-on tights (or stockings, or nylons, or panty hose, or whatever they are called in your part of the world).

It comes as no surprise to find that it’s a Japanese invention: only a country that gave the world such products as sock glue (glue your socks to your legs so they don’t fall down) and nipple makeup (to make them more pink. Really! I’m not making it up!) could have come up with the idea of spray-painting your legs.

Not only is it disturbingly weird, but the site is a cornucopia of dodgy Engrish as it attempts to explain the motivations behind the product:

Though I dont [sic] like barefoot
I want to put on sandals
And have a charm of pedicure too
The development started by
such a word of an office lady three years ago.

And if you can even make sense of “It is best to sandaled bare foot because the tiptoe is not covered!” then you’re cleverer than I.