My new news page is coming along nicely. I’ve added icons to each article via a simple PHP cache.

There are two problems outstanding. First, when I add a new news source, it floods the top of the list. However, it’s not serious, because the problem disappears after a few hours as new items come along.

The second is a bit more important: I am not parsing CDATA blocks correctly. It’s simple to fix (I hope!) but not at a quarter to midnight, so maybe tomorrow...

I’m also pondering on whether to add multiple pages. The current page is just a dump of the latest 300 items, but that’s not too sophisticated. It’s impossible to see the older material, and it wastes bandwidth when you just want to see the newest stuff. It’s no more complicated than adding some “previous” and “next” links and an offset on the SQL query, so I might have a look at that tomorrow, too.

At some point, I’ll have to look into Atom feeds as well. At the moment, I’m only doing RSS/RDF (as far as my code is concerned, RSS and RDF are one and the same).

Oh, and the left margin isn’t straight on Internet Explorer. “This behaviour is by design.” IE is notorious among web developers for its broken CSS box model. And if that made no sense to you, trust me, it’s another crappy bug. I recommend Firefox as a solution—it’s far surpassed IE in terms of speed, functionality and standards compliance. It’s worth it just for the AdBlock extension alone. Oh, and it’s free and open-source. If you ever get pissed off by JavaScript resizing your windows, or by right-click blocking, or by any of the other annoyances—that “0MG UR BR0W53R H4Z B33|\| PWNED!” feeling—then you need it.