I really enjoy my job. I have a good boss, nice colleagues, and work that interests me. I don’t have to wear a suit, and I’m not required to get up early.

...which is why it’s a shame that it’s shortly going to be over.

My company is being closed. It’s complicated—and to make matters worse, it’s political, rather than for any financial or technical reasons. The mysterious guy who actually owns the company has decided to transfer our functions to another one of his companies, which means that there’s no space left for us.

It’s something of a putsch by the American sister company; to use the vernacular, we got punk’d.

It was fun while it lasted; I made some money and got some useful experience. I get a pretty decent severance package, which cushions the blow quite nicely. Of course, given that I had access to some pretty sensitive stuff, I’d expect no less.

There is a new project in the offing, which might give us all something to continue with. We’ll see.

But still, it sucks.