I took the Eurostar to Brussels and back for FOSDEM at the weekend. I had a bit of a cold on Wednesday and Thursday, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to go. I didn’t sleep well on Thursday night, but I felt reasonably well on Friday morning, and decided that as long as it wasn’t covid (which it wasn’t), I’d catch my train that afternoon.

Because I was feeling tired and run down, I didn’t go to any of the evening social events, and I didn’t even drink a single Belgian beer. For shame!

I’ll write more about FOSDEM in another post.

Despite the crowded passport control at St Pancras, it’s still cheaper, easier, faster, and more reliable to get a train from London to Brussels than to Manchester. The sad thing is that this will almost certainly still be true for the rest of my lifetime, long after Rishi Sunak has fucked off to California.

I’m now feeling even worse. My cold has come back with a vengeance since I’ve been back in London. I’m going to sit under a blanket with a hot drink.