Merry Christmas!

I saw shooting stars on Wednesday morning. I looked up into a clear sky at just the right time and in the correct direction to see a cluster of lights zip across the sky. There were three together, followed half a second later by a single straggler. I suppose it was the Ursids, but I’m no expert. It might have been low orbit satellites for all I know.

I cut my week of work short because I felt like I was making no progress and that a bit of rest would do me more good than staring at the same problem on the computer screen. I’m going to try not to think about it until next week.

I didn’t do much this week and that’s fine.

This week’s links:

  • AI as Algorithmic Thatcherism.
  • Grist is “a modern relational spreadsheet. It combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the robustness of a database”.
  • MAIM is a plugin to mangle sound with early 2000s MP3 artefacts.
  • FediFetcher “automatically fetches missing replies and posts from other fediverse instances, and adds them to your own Mastodon instance” to fix one of the problems with federation.
  • Bus Times is the “unofficial home of bus, coach, tram and ferry transport information” in the UK and Ireland.
  • British road sign fonts.