Merry Christmas!

The internet introduced me to Wordle and I stayed up until past two in the morning simulating optimal strategies and writing up what I found.

The op-amps I was missing arrived in the post and I was able to finish building the Gritzner delay Eurorack module I started last week.

We had our first Christmas in our own house. We played Cribbage and Boggle, ate our now-traditional meal of mushroom wellington, and watched Don’t Look Up (it’s quite dark) while digesting it.

Today, we went to the cinema, which was mostly empty, to see the new Matrix film, Matrix Resurrections. It has some fun self-referential touches, but spends far too long setting everything up, and the cinema was so warm that I struggled to stay awake in the middle. As with books, I always find myself wishing that films were shorter.

I’m looking forward to a week off work. I have some thoughts about what I might do with the time.