It’s been a week in which nothing much happened, and that’s probably a good thing.

I had a hospital appointment that turned out to be about nothing, which is the best kind really.

I eventually managed to produce a piece of music for Disquiet Junto 0515 (Talking Cure) on Monday evening:

This was a difficult assignment, and it took me a few tries. I found the idea of writing music for a waiting room very hard: I expect some light romantic piano piece or chamber music. Not the kind of music I make.

So instead, I tried to think what it would feel like in my own head to be in such an environment: outwardly serene, but inwardly thinking about all the things that have brought me here.

In the end, a happy accident of modular synthesis – a pair of unquantised sequences using Teletype and and the Sweet Sixteen I built last week – gave me something to work around.

In my imagination, there is some pleasant music playing – we hear snatches of processed kalimba – but my own thoughts, played here by the unquantised and fractured euclidean ostinatos, intrude. In the distance we hear a voice, from the only known recording of Sigmund Freud.

I’ve attempted to record some sounds of nature for this week’s assignment (“Record a minute or two of nature”) but I haven’t listened back to see if I managed to capture anything useful between the police sirens, fireworks, and airliners flying overhead.

I started watching the new Wheel of Time series. It takes itself a bit too seriously and seems completely unaware of its own ludicrousness, but that’s probably inherent to the genre. I quite enjoyed the army of what look like Krampuses.

I finally painted the last two sections of skirting board, so that’s all the decorating done for now. Next, I need to clear some space for the Christmas Tree.