I haven’t written much on here for a long time, and one big reason for that was that my old publishing platform was unmanageable: it was a hacked version of a very old version of TextPattern that would only run on a long-dead version of PHP.

Now that’s changed. I’ve extracted the content to flat files and used Jekyll to build the site. It’s all served statically, which is fast and cheap. (In fact, it’s free: I’m using Netlify to build and host the pages.)

I’ve changed a few colours, but I’ve not made a huge effort with styling beyond the default theme, so it’s all a bit minimalist. In any case, I think it’s a big improvement over the readability of the old layout, with its early-2000s font sizes.

Comments are gone. I still have the old ones archived, but I feel like hosting and moderating is too much hassle, especially in this fractious decade.