They gave up on electoral reform and the composition of the House of Lords. They abandoned the rise in tax on cider. But the government is determined to ram its awful Digital Economy Bill through into statute in the last few days of this parliament.

This is the House of Lords debating the bill last month:

Digital Economy Bill debate in House of Lords

(The banner reading DEMOCRACY LIVE is not an ironic comment, by the way.)

This is the same bill receiving a cursory debate today during the wash-up period:

Digital Economy Bill debate in House of Commons

It’s a bad law, inadequately scrutinised, and most of them couldn’t even be bothered to debate it before they filed in to vote it through.

Here’s my short, simple message to the House of Commons: go home to your constituencies; get out and canvass; go to the pub for all I care, just fuck off and stop passing bad laws already.

Mo McRoberts has a more eloquent response.