In series 1, episode 3 of South Park, the boys go on a hunting trip with Stan’s uncle Jimbo:

Boys, looky there. That there’s a Rocky Mountain black bear; one of the few remaining of its kind. Isn’t it beautiful? MY GOD, IT’S COMING RIGHT FOR US! [Jimbo shoots the bear]
Hey, it wasn’t coming right for us; it was just sitting there!
Shh! Not so loud! Now that there’s just a technicality.
What do you mean?
You see boys, the Democrats have passed a lot of laws try to stop us from hunting.
Democrats piss me off!
They say we can’t shoot certain animals any more unless they’re posing an immediate threat. Therefore, before we shoot something, we have to say, ‘It’s coming right for us!’

And that's what I thought of when I watched the Wikileaks video of a US helicopter crew gunning down people—including photographers and children—in the street in Baghdad. It's not so funny when it's real people, though.

Listening to the radio chatter is akin to overhearing sociopathic teenagers playing a computer game: there’s no evidence of empathy for the human beings at the other end of the scope, just a desperate urge to find any excuse to pull the trigger. It’s horrifying.