Since last I wrote about it, several more MPs have pledged their support for the Dark Arts in the form of EDM 908 in defence of homeopathy.

Here’s the updated score card:

Tredinnick, David Conservative
Simpson, Alan Labour
Russell, Bob Liberal Democrats
Pound, Stephen Labour
Dismore, Andrew Labour
Simpson, David Democratic Unionist
McDonnell, John Labour
Campbell, Gregory Democratic Unionist
Cohen, Harry Labour
Corbyn, Jeremy Labour
Drew, David Labour
Gray, James Conservative
Hancock, Mike Liberal Democrats
Hermon, Lady Ulster Unionist
Key, Robert Conservative
Hemming, John Liberal Democrats
Bone, Peter Conservative
Davies, Dai Independent
Mates, Michael Conservative
Dodds, Nigel Democratic Unionist
Wyatt, Derek Labour
Sarwar, Mohammad Labour
Hamilton, Fabian Labour
Winterton, Nicholas Conservative
Davies, Philip Conservative

And scaled by the number of MPs in each party:

Party Signatories Total MPs Proportion Last time
Conservative 7 193 3.6% 1.0%
Labour 10 346 2.9% 2.0%
Liberal Democrat 3 63 4.8% 3.2%
Democratic Unionist 3 8 38% 25%

The Lib Dems have consolidated their top ranking among the main parties, whilst the DUP pull out even further in front overall. In a shock upset, however, the Tories have lost their place as standard-bearers of rationality to Labour.

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