I’ve spent my time at Mashed this weekend working on an implementation of Adobe’s proprietary RTMP protocol. This is used by many Flash streaming implementations; being able to replicate it means that we can begin to use streaming content in our own ways. That will open up a huge amount of online media.

So far, I’ve implemented the basic connection handshaking and transmission of packets. That should cover all the low-level stuff, and it’s a good start. In fact, I think it’s the hard part. The remaining work involves a bit of packet sniffing, but I can’t get Wireshark to work on my Eee PC, so it’ll have to wait.

I’m not going to have anything to demonstrate this afternoon, but I do have a lot of code to show: it’s all checked into my repository:

svn co http://paulbattley.googlecode.com/svn/net-rtmp