There’s new stuff for GUI and command-line users alike.

I’ve rebuilt my Windows iPlayer Downloader with the XOR patches, so that you can download watchable programmes once again:

iPlayer Downloader Version 1.1

The command-line tool has gained a couple of new features, thanks to patches from Mike Trim:

  • Multiple downloads can be queued by listing them on the command line.
  • Programmes can be saved into directories based on their title, so that all programmes in a series are grouped together.

The latest tarball is version 0.1.5.

There are some outstanding issues:

  • The graphical downloader is a bit of a pain to install on Linux
  • Doing the quasi-DRM XOR processing in Ruby is dog slow!

I hope to address the second problem with a binary extension. XORing should be fast. In C, it will be.