Two headlines caught my attention as I listened to the radio this morning. The first was a report in the Daily Telegraph, no doubt timed to coincide with yesterday’s announcement that warmongering hypocrite Tony Blair has been accepted into the Roman Catholic church, saying that ‘Britain has become a “Catholic country”’:

A survey of 37,000 churches, to be published in the new year, shows the number of people going to Sunday Mass in England last year averaged 861,000, compared with 852,000 Anglicans ­worshipping.

The second headline reported the audience figures for last night’s television final of Strictly Come Dancing:

About 11.4 million viewers saw their victory, overnight estimates suggest.

There’s a large leap from the statistic that 1.4% of the population attend Catholic Sunday Mass to saying that Britain is a Catholic country. On that basis, one might even say that ballroom dancing is the national religion. The reality is that Britain isn’t really an overtly religious country at all.