We’ve just moved into our swank new office this week. Up until now, we were renting an office in a serviced office building, but with the funding and growth plans, we’d outgrown their biggest space. In fact, for the last few weeks, we were renting two offices there. Now, we’re rattling around a bit with about twenty people in a space that’s big enough for fifty.

The next challenge is to fill up that space; among other roles, we’re looking to hire three developers and one design/HTML person.

Reevoo’s a great place to work as a developer: you’ll have space, respect, great colleagues, and the tools to do the job. We use Macs—no Windows here. We work with lots of tests, small incremental changes, and frequent deployments, and we change our minds a lot! And, most importantly, we love programming.

If you’re interested, have a look at Ben’s post, cast off your Java/.NET/bigcorp shackles, say I sent you, and help me get a monkey into the bargain!