Yesterday morning, my usual route to work around the docks was cordoned off with ‘POLICE DO NOT CROSS’ tape. A neighbour told me that she thought someone had been murdered, but I didn’t know any more.

Today, I found out the details: a headless body was found floating in the dock right next to my flat:

A MAN has been arrested after the headless body of a woman was found wrapped in a black bin bag and dumped in the river.

The gory discovery of the white woman in her 40s was made in South Dock Marina, Rope Street, Rotherhithe, by a passer-by yesterday morning.

The woman had had her head and hands cut off—to thwart identification, I assume. Despite this apparent forethought, the killer wasn’t very smart in dumping the body in the middle of a marina full of houseboats. Perhaps that’s why a suspect has already been arrested.

According to the article, my ‘neighbourhood is made up [of] expensive town houses and luxury flats where high-paid City workers live.’ Well, my flat is quite nice, but I’m certainly not a high-paid City worker!