I’m glad that I can finally shout about it: we’ve (Reevoo) received $5m in funding. (That’s £2.5m, but it sounds even better in US dollars!)

We haven’t gone crazy and splashed out on a private jet or started construction of our secret undersea base yet: the most wanton example of profligacy I’ve seen so far was when Richard and Ben took a taxi to a meeting instead of the bus the other day. (Although I am going to try to hold Ben to that memory upgrade on my office computer that he promised me!)

I’m excited about the opportunities that come with the cash injection, but I also personally feel a real sense of justification in what we’re doing: not only do I enjoy working with a really great, passionate, talented team, but people from the outside whose job is to pick holes in business plans also believe in what we’re doing.

In other news, I was nearly stuck in my flat this morning: the building management repainted my front door yesterday, and the paint in the gap between door and frame glued it shut as it dried. It wasn’t a particularly strong bond, but as I don’t have a door handle on the inside I couldn’t get enough purchase to pull the door! After some concerted pulling on the lock, however, it loosened enough to permit my escape. I think the Japanese have it right: front doors open outwards over there, maximising interior space and making it easier to force your way out instead of in.