I got a marketing email from Amazon the other day:

As someone who has not previously purchased a MP3 player from Amazon, we thought you might be interested in our fantastic range of MP3 and digital audio products and accessories.

How do they work that out? I haven’t bought a My Little Pony hairdressing set either; perhaps I can look forward to a similar email trying to enthuse me about purchasing one of those!

Anyway, they went one better today:

As someone who has previously purchased a HP photo printer and ink cartridges, we thought you might be interested in our great range of HP twin pack inks.

No I haven’t! I’ve never bought an HP printer, nor any consumables for one. In fact, I don’t even own a printer. I was a bit concerned, though: was somebody else ordering printing supplies through my Amazon account? I checked the order history: nope. It’s just a marketing screw-up.

Twice in a week is careless, though, especially from a company like Amazon that makes such an effort to know its customers.