Rather on the spur of the moment, I decided that I would, after all, attend EuRuKo, the European Ruby Conference, in Munich this weekend. The combined cost of transit and accommodation had rather put me off, given my current lack of stable income.

However, I discovered CityNightLine, a network of overnight routes all over Germany and the surrounding countries. It’s not too expensive—less expensive than a flight plus tax—and gives me a place to sleep whilst getting me to Munich early on Saturday morning. Seems good, but I’ll reserve my final judgement until after I’ve taken it.

I’ll therefore be leaving Brussels on Friday night and catching the sleeper train at Cologne, staying in Munich for one night, and coming back overnight on Sunday to arrive on Monday morning. I haven’t made any arrangements to get to Brussels from Cologne yet, however; if it’s a nice day, I might take the opportunity to visit Aachen.