I’m off to England tomorrow for Christmas, by car. In the back. The only thing that promises to make the journey bearable is my iPod full of audio books (my latest addiction). I’ll be working my way through the next two books of Larry Niven’s Ringworld series—it’s enthralling.

I’m coming back on 28th by Eurostar, which I find much more enjoyable. I bought my ticket online last month, and by that time they had sold out of the €40 second-class tickets (the cheap ones with restrictions). All that was left was the expensive second-class tickets that go for €285 or something ridiculous. However, they did have plenty of cheap first-class tickets for €80. First class for €80 or second for €285? Guess which one I chose!

I’m looking forward to sampling first-class travel on the Eurostar on Sunday.

In the meantime, Christmas. Is there a more stressful time of year?