I seem to have overcome my jetlag. I didn’t sleep much on the plane, but I had plenty of little naps over the first few days, which seemed to take care of it.

Japan is surprisingly warm. Everyone says that it’s warm for the time of year (conversely, the summer was unusually cool, if you can really describe the high 30s as such). I was certainly sweating more than I’d expect for November, and a coat was superfluous. Unfortunately, as a result of the warm weather, the cockroaches haven’t all died off yet. Horrible creatures.

I picked up some deliciously gruesome Gloomy Bear posters from the shop in Shinsaibashi this afternoon. He is “a cute cuddly pink bear... with long sharp claws and a thirst for blood”. Just the thing for my warped tastes.

N—— and I are going off travelling tomorrow (today, technically) for four days, up to the north coast of the middle of Honshu (the big banana-shaped main island of Japan). I hope it’s good weather and interesting up there.