I usually pick up a free paper called the Metro on my way in to work (they have stacks at the station where I change from the first to the second of the three trams that constitute my daily commute). It parallels the free paper of the same name that is available in London, Birmingham, and possibly other cities too. Being Brussels, it’s always in two piles, one in French and the other in Dutch. Also being Brussels, the French edition disappears much more quickly. When I can pick it up, it makes good French reading practice for me.

I was surprised to see front page coverage of the (UK) Conservative party’s latest change of leader yesterday. I was amused to read it:

Le chef des conservateurs britannique et «leader» de l’opposition Iain Duncan Smith a été désavoué hier soir lors d’une vote de confiance...

I though that they were being arch until I realised that it was just that ‘leader’ isn’t a word in French.