I came across this fantastic set of roadside signs on Terese Nielsen-Hayden’s website. My favourite is this:

Dulce et decorum est
pro Halliburton mori

Incidentally, I corrected the typo that had “pro” as “por.” If you don’t get the reference, try these two Google searches for Wilfrid Owen and Halliburton.

While I’m on the subject of Google, I thought that I’d point out one unusual but useful thing you can do. Grammar checking. If you have two or more possibilities for expressing something (in any language) and aren’t sure which is the right way, just try both of them, with double quotes around the expression. In the top part of the result screen, Google tells you how many pages matched the query. Comparing these numbers for the various alternatives indicates the more popular choice. It’s not a guarantee of grammatical correctness, being descriptive rather than prescriptive, but that’s arguably more valid from a linguistic point of view.

If that’s confusing, try these two searches:

It’s heartening to see that popular usage follows grammar, even on teh intarnet.

I’m thinking about running up a little Google grammar checker in PHP tomorrow.