I came across this article in the EE Times via Ars Technica:

[The US National Reconnaissance Office] is talking openly with the U.S. Air Force Space Command about actively denying the use of space for intelligence purposes to any other nation at any time—not just adversaries, but even longtime allies, according to NRO director Peter Teets.
Beginning next year, NRO will be in charge of the new Offensive Counter-Space program, which will come up with plans to specifically deny the use of near-Earth space to other nations, said Teets.
Meanwhile, Maj. Gen. Judd Blaisdell, director of the Air Force Space Operations Office, said recently, “We are so dominant in space that I pity a country that would come up against us.”

Notes to the US:

  1. No wonder so many people hate you. I mean, you even treat your allies like crap.
  2. Suprise! This isn’t going to make you any less unpopular.
  3. No matter how good your technology or intelligence, you will never be invulnerable while there are people who hate you enough to kill themselves to attack you.
  4. Until every American citizen is cowering safely in his or her bunker somewhere in the Midwest, safely defended by the missile shield, under the watchful eye of Fatherland Homeland Security’s panopticon, with every person of swarthy complexion safely detained in Guantanamo, you’re in danger. Trade and tourism mean that that’s not going to happen any time soon, so why not accept the fact that you live in the world, and try not to piss everyone off.

The more I see the way that the current batch of psychopaths running the US are behaving, the more concerned I get. They genuinely don’t seem to care about what anyone else thinks, and are intent upon bolstering their military capabilities to the point where they will never have to care about any dissenting opinion ever again. And I can’t see that that is anything other than a profoundly negative direction for world affairs to be heading.