I went looking for notebook memory in Denden Town today. A specific type of memory—I wanted two 32MB EDO 144 pin DIMMs for the old Thinkpad I bought a while ago to bring it up to the maximum amount. I tracked some down, and bought a couple.

I removed the old modules (one 8MB and one 16MB) and put in the new pair, expecting a dramatic improvement.

Imagine my displeasure, then, when it wouldn’t boot.

Imagine my annoyance when I discovered that one module wasn’t EDO and therefore didn’t work at all.

Imagine my anger when I found that the the one that actually was EDO was faulty! It works, but has “unreliable” ranges. Basically, it doesn’t really work.

Fortunately, the sales assistant promised me a one month guarantee if they were faulty or incompatible. I’m going to get my refund or replacement, or heads will roll! Metaphorically, that is, although there is a shop selling swords just down the road from the place I got the memory...