Most of the stuff in the Bible, at least the Old Testament part, doesn’t appeal to me much. Rampant misogyny, stoning, homophobic homicide, genocide, slavery, warmongering, weapons of mass destruction; the list goes on.

However, one of the parts that did have some appeal is the talk of a “land of milk and honey”. So, when that expression popped into my head this evening, I resolved to put it to the test.

So, in the interests of archaeoculinary investigation, I stirred a teaspoonful of honey into a small glass of milk.

The honey dissolved much better than I had expected, even in milk straight from the fridge. Admittedly, for authenticity I should probably have used some unpasteurised, still-warm milk, straight from a goat. Rumours to the contrary aside, I don’t have any lactating nanny goats on hand, so regular chilled cow’s milk had to suffice.

It tastes pretty good. Not worth wandering in the wilderness for forty years to get it, but worth a visit to the kitchen at least.