I was just reading an interesting discussion on MetaFilter. A lot of people (mostly American) who live/have lived in Japan put down their opinions and experiences. Some of it resonated with me, especially about attitudes to the place. You can have a lot of tolerance for the bad points of your own country, but the failings of another country become very, painfully obvious. Some days are good, when you notice the things that make it better here. Some days, everything is unbearably frustrating. For me, the good days are in a happy majority.

On the same page, I also found a link to this disturbing manual on How To Become A Perfect Japanese Woman. If your attitudes to gender politics are more progressive than the Saudis, you too might find it incredible. I actually can believe that people follow this advice, albeit unconsciously in most cases.

I’ve been listening (RealPlayer) to the much-hyped BBC7 radio station. I haven’t heard anything except tedious, aimless dramas so far, however, despite the promise of comedy. Maybe I’m listening at the wrong time.