Very late, very minimal weeknotes this week, for reasons that will become apparent in next week’s edition.

I spent several days packing up everything in my office and moving it into storage, along with the TV and the sofa (which I dismantled into its delivery configuration and gift-wrapped in a tarpaulin). Anticipating this day, I had kept the TV packaging in the loft, which made that part much easier.

The plan was that we would move everything from upstairs to downstairs, and the builders would start working on the top floor. Then we’d move things upstairs, and they’d do the downstairs.

I paid for a locker in a nearby self storage warehouse. First I had to work out how much space 30 or 50 square feet was (divide by 11 to get square metres), and then I decided to go for 50 because the price difference was minimal, and it’s always better to have more space, just in case something comes up. This is what they call foreshadowing.

I rented a van and driver from Relōku, and although I managed to hit a winter/summer time bug in my booking (I placed it just before the clocks went forward, for the week after), they were responsive and rapid in sorting it out, and, I think, grateful for my feedback with the bug. The driver was charming and helpful and I would use Relōku again. In fact, … well, that’s also foreshadowing.

I had a bit of a chat with the owner, who has been running a fleet of “man and van” vehicles for a while. They’ve recently turned it into an online service. It’s a bit more convenient than phoning round, which is what I’ve done in the past, and having a live update of when the van will arrive was handy.

They also gave me a 10% off coupon (PAULB10) so use it if you need it. (I will also get a discount off my next booking, and I have to get all this stuff back from the locker, so that would help.)

I went to see my friends from Mount Forel play at Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney on Friday night. I needed the break, and it was a fun evening.

A band on stage, mostly occluded by stage fog and lights. The bass player
looks energetic, while the guitarist gazes down at a pedal board.

Mount Forel at Paper Dress Vintage

I ended up on stage for one song, as a drumstick holder. Andrew needed to change drumsticks in the middle of the upcoming song, but couldn’t find anything appropriate to hold them on the venue kit. “Paul!” he shouted, and beckoned me, and I went up and held the sticks ready for him to grab mid-song.

It’s not the most glamorous thing I’ve ever done on stage, but the role of a musician is to serve the song. Even if that means holding drumsticks.