Archive: 2024-04

  • Week 171: Intense burst of activity

    The builders turned up on Monday, and told us that, contrary to previous plans, we really needed to have everything out of the house for them to be able to work effectively.

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  • Week 170: Serving the song

    Very late, very minimal weeknotes this week, for reasons that will become apparent in next week’s edition.

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  • Using the brown M&M’s trick on Freecycle

    As we’re having a new kitchen installed shortly, the old freestanding dishwasher that came with the house is surplus to requirements, and its most likely fate would be a skip and thence landfill. I don’t like that, and I’d rather see it live out the rest of its life in a loving home.

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  • Week 169: The calm before

    A carrion crow on a railing. Immediately behind it is the River Thames,
and on the far shore are buldings and a construction site with cranes and

    A crow on the Thames, with the Supersewer construction site in the background

    It was the last week of anything approaching normality for a while. I booked a storage locker nearby in Deptford, and booked a van and driver to help move things there. We aren’t emptying our house completely, but they’re going to start with the upstairs, and there isn’t room downstairs for everything that’s currently upstairs.

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  • A bookmarklet to download Aldermore statements for FreeAgent

    I have a business savings account with Aldermore. A few months ago, they changed their online banking interface. The new one is an improvement in some ways. It looks better. Instead of the typical old-school financial weirdness of several pages of login, “memorable” words, and picking letters out of a password, they’ve caught up with practice elsewhere and use a full password plus a second factor.

    On the other hand, the second factor is only available via SMS, something both inconvenient when travelling or out of mobile signal range and notoriously vulnerable to exploits. But what’s really annoying is that the new interface offers no way to get a statement in a machine-readable form.

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