I’m late this week because I’ve been finishing off my lightning talk for Brighton Ruby Conference on Friday. It’s been an entirely disproportionate amount of effort for a five minute talk. I hope to see some of you there. It should be a nice change of scenery too.

I now have access to a laser cutter. I was delighted to get myself onto an induction at South London Makerspace on Tuesday. Laser cutting is fast, accurate, and the materials are cheap. I’ve had things made by third parties in the past, but that’s expensive. Being able to do it myself opens up a completely new set of options.

Okinawa Day went well on Saturday. It was a lot more relaxing not to be involved in the organisation this year. However, there were so many sanshin players from London and Paris that I only ended up playing three songs. If I’d known in advance I’d have been more relaxed and better prepared for those three specifically.

Some religious people came to the door on Sunday morning. This is one of the downsides of living in a house rather than a block of flats. I despatched them politely but firmly. Did I want to talk about the Bible? No, not really. Why not? Well, I’ve read it, and I know what’s in it. Would I like a leaflet? No thank you. A website to look at? No.

It was unbearably hot inside on Sunday afternoon so I escaped to the library to work on my talk in the air conditioning. When that closed, I continued in the air-conditioned bar across the way. L— joined me and we both worked on our respective talks over a beer. It was a good plan: instead of lying baked and comatose at home, I achieved a lot.

It’s the Dunwich Dynamo on Saturday night. I think I’m reasonably prepared. I hope the weather is appropriate.