I got around to sorting out my electronic components. I had a system, with a spreadsheet listing what I have, and some boxes in which I store components in a few categories. But I’d been a bit lax in recent months, and had a lot of secondary boxes full of unsorted components, taking up much more room than they should have.

I fixed up a couple more defective effects pedals from eBay and put them up for sale. It’s a hobby that pays for itself and gives me the opportunity to try out the effects on their way through.

My new Duolingo strategy is working really well. To recap, after the league has finished on Sunday, I don’t do any more lessons until late on Monday. This seems to work to put me into a more relaxed league, in which I can focus on learning rather than just accruing points. I finished in the top ten without wearing myself out.

We’ve sorted out more of our trip to Australia. Organising a holiday is a lot of stress, isn’t it?