I occasionally get shameless emails saying something like, “you have a dead link on your website, why not link it to [generic article on spammy content farm] instead?”

Those are no use to anyone, so I just ignore them.

But today, I received an email that was worse and more disappointing:

I moved the location of [useful website] and have redirected it to [bitcoin website]/useful-information.

You are linking to [useful website] on your page at [some article]

Would you mind switching to the new URL to avoid a redirect?

I would greatly appreciate this because it would really help my website.

Would I mind? Would I?

I fixed it all right. I removed the link entirely, and told them so:

Thanks for the heads up.

I’ve removed the link. I wouldn’t want to accidentally promote anything as socially and environmentally deleterious as bitcoin.

There may yet be greater fools out there, but I won’t help you find them.