It was so hot for most of the week that I spent a lot of time in a state of horizontal lassitude. The house is better than the flat was, thanks to not having floor-to-ceiling glass on one side. It would be better if we had something other than just curtains, that could block the direct light and still allow air through. We have a plan to fit shutters (and even know who is going to do it) but that will take a few weeks to get sorted.

I’ve lived in hotter places, but England is more unpleasant both because it’s humid and because none of the infrastructure is designed for the few days of actual heat each year.

Anyway, it’s not hot now. It rained so much today that a load of roads and stations are flooded. It does feel like the equilibrium of the climate systems is breaking down and that they’re exhibiting ever wilder behaviour, doesn’t it?

I fitted some more skirting board in the living room. That was the most complex section, with two corners and a complex cut where it meets the stairs. Only two more sections of wall to go. I just need a dry day so that I can do the sawing in the garden, and today was not that day.

We had a very fancy dinner at Gauthier Soho on Friday, by managing to pick up a late cancellation. I spent most of Saturday recovering from the excess. Soho was thronging and lively, and I was happy to see it.

The latest software update for my AKAI MPC One was an unexpected bonus. They’ve added a load of new synthesiser engines, including an emulated ARP Odyssey and a rather lovely sounding Mellotron. It also now supports USB audio interfaces for more input and output channels. The last couple of updates have added so many new capabilities to the device for free: last time, it was a drum synthesiser with various electronic and realistic models; this time it’s new voices and effects and device support. I’m absolutely delighted.

Perhaps this coming week I’ll finally sort out this spare room so that I can walk around without tripping over boxes. Perhaps not. Tune in next week to find out!