Archive: 2021-06

  • Week 23: Painting and decorating

    It feels like all I’ve done this week is painting and decorating our new house, but there’s been a bit more than that. We’re still living in the flat for another couple of weeks, so at least it doesn’t matter that it’s still a mess.

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  • A list of items found in the loft of our new house

    • Two headboards for a small child’s bed
    • A wooden table in two parts, both too large to fit through the access hatch
    • A bag of cat litter, opened but mostly full
    • A pet crate suitable for air travel, large enough for a medium dog or an ocelot or a lynx
    • Several old curtains, never in style at any point since the house was built
    • A bolt of heavy brown cotton cloth
    • A single plastic place mat
    • A box containing a hoarded collection of plastic bags
    • A 1 Real coin from Brazil, worth about 14p
    • The cardboard box in which an MFI kitchen unit was shipped
    • An IKEA desk top
    • Three legs for the desk top
    • A square wooden frame of unknown purpose, also too large for the access hatch
    • A double futon mattress
    • A canvas-covered shelving unit
    • A roll of carpet, with no dead body inside

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  • Week 22: Completion

    As of Friday, we are now homeowners. We still owe the greater part of it to the bank, of course, and taking everything into account I personally actually own about one fifth of a house at the moment, but it’s still a greater level of control over my life and living conditions than I’ve ever had before.

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