Archive: 2016

  • Undivided

    Yesterday morning, I passed a group of boys of maybe eight years old playing football in a park in Berlin. When I was their age, that spot was in the death strip on the East German side of the Berlin Wall.

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  • Japanese siblings, English genders

    One of the great things about learning other languages is that you also learn about the concepts that underlie linguistic representation.

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  • DD24

    Let’s never do this again. ― Nat, shortly before planning to do it again.

    Six years ago, I rode the Dunwich Dynamo, 180 km through the night by bicycle from London to the Suffolk coast at Dunwich. On Saturday, I did it again.

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  • A question with no answer

    The good news is, I no longer have that sick feeling in my stomach. Now I’m just depressed.

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  • Don’t leave

    I’m really depressed about this referendum. I’ve been feeling sick in my stomach for weeks, and as the opinion polls show more and more support for Leave, I feel worse and worse.

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