Best bit about working with Paul was how cynical and dour he was. A bird of my feather.

We’d have gross-out conversations across our desks about weird surgeries, diseases or freaky insects (I was never sure if it was because we’re both morbid people, or terrible people actively trying to make our colleagues lose their lunch).

He’s a good egg. But I never imagined he could stand something so cheerful.——Frances Berriman

Everything changes, but sometime happy memories remain. This does bring back happy memories and breakfast-ejecting conversations.

I first heard Star Guitar by Shinichi Osawa on an Abraham L.A.O.S drum ’n’ bass mix that I downloaded sometime in 2008 and used to use as accompaniment when I wanted to shut out the world and concentrate. That mix has disappeared off the internet, but I still have a copy, so I’m going to host it until such time as someone tells me to stop: laos_mix_08.mp3