How I installed the free Reddit application on an iPod Touch in 17 easy steps:

  1. Follow App Store link from Reddit home page in Safari
  2. Touch ‘free’ to unlock install button
  3. Touch ‘install’ button
  4. Enter password (I actually had to look this up on another computer)
  5. Touch button to say that I am over 17
  6. Told that the App Store terms and conditions have updated and that I must read them
  7. Press button to read them
  8. Scroll to bottom (without reading them) and press ‘accept’ button
  9. Told that I must try to install the application again
  10. Taken to front page of App Store
  11. Press home button
  12. Touch Safari to go back to Reddit home page
  13. Follow App Store link
  14. Touch ‘free’ to unlock install button
  15. Touch ‘install’ button
  16. Touch button to say that I am over 17
  17. Application is installed

And people told me it’s supposed to be easy to use …. In contrast, the Android Market application is buggy and full of race conditions, but it’s never managed to be quite so infuriatingly bureaucratic.